The Inevitable FAQs

Q. Why do you only sell ten of each print?
Because I think that it is a fantastic idea to own an affordable piece of original art that is authentic and genuinely limited. I won't be producing editions of ten of each print this month or this year or in each size - there are only ten prints of each image and when they're gone, that's it. There will be only ever be ten of each print sold. I'll keep the original digital image (my version of the artists print) while the edited file used for the printing by the awesome Richard Riddick at the DPC in Greenwich will be deleted.

Q. Your prints seem a bit expensive. Do you do discounts? Is it worth haggling?
In a word, no. This is a unique opportunity to own a genuinely limited edition print, produced by a top quality print house. 

Q. Do you do weddings?
In a word, no. But Matt Harris does and he’s brilliant.

Q. Everyone’s a photographer these days, so what’s “making photographs” all about? Don’t you just “take” them?
In a word, no. Everyone’s NOT a photographer these days. Everyone has a camera and they always have it with them. Which is great and helps make photography a truly demographic medium. But just because you can read and own a pencil, doesn’t make you a writer. It's the same with photography.

Now that’s not to say that you can’t be a photographer using an iPhone. Whatever camera you use, that isn't what makes you a photographer.

When you take a photograph, you point your camera and record a scene. Like in Silent Witness or CSI.

When you make a photograph you are thinking about light and shade, composition and colour. Most of all you are choosing and moving your viewpoint and waiting. Usually, lots of waiting. You’ve seen something and you want to try and capture it. You have intent. And hopefully you have the skill and the patience to deliver on it.

Q. Won’t YouTube videos just make me a photographer? Can’t I just learn it all there?
In a word, no. You can learn a lot from the internet. And, unsurprisingly, YouTube is a brilliant source of material, giving you direct access to hundreds of great photographers and thousands more who are - at best - pretty average.

But YouTube is free and there is a lot of good material among the noise. Personally, I am a huge fan, follower and subscriber to Ted Forbes’ The Art of Photography. I cannot recommend him and his channel highly enough.

The only thing that is going to make you a photographer is taking the time to learn the craft and then practice it. Every. Single. Day. You’ll need to take a lot of bad pictures to become a good photographer. I have thousands of them. And every single one teaches me something useful. But then I also have some good ones and a handful of great ones. These are what we live for.

Q. Black and white or colour?
If I had to, usually, black and white

Q. Portrait or landscape?
I much prefer to work in landscape format.

If there's anything you'd like to know, just ping me a question via the contact form.