The Art Of Photography

I've mentioned elsewhere that when I was a kid, discovering photography for the first time, it was difficult, slow and expensive. Film, developing, cameras - everything was almost out of reach for us. 

Add to that leaning about photography was hard - there were books in the library that would teach you how to use a camera, and there were (big) art books that showcased the work of the greats.

But I don't ever remember finding a book that would break down photography into its DNA. A book that did a deep dive into light and shade, line and shape, colour and texture.

As an adult, rediscovering the profound love of taking pictures after a decade using nothing but an iPhone, I had the internet and more specifically, YouTube.

The world's second biggest search engine after Google (also owned by Google) is full of people explaining all those things that I could never seem to find in books. And they do it in detail. LOTS of detail. As much detail as you could possibly want when it comes to talking about the elements of composition in photography.

Now I'm not saying all of them are any good. Or than all of them will appeal to you, but a little detailed searching plus a bit of "sucking it an see"-ing will bring great rewards. I guarantee that you'll find someone teaching all about photography whose manner appeals, whose voice doesn't grate and whose style of delivery and presentation hits the spot with you.

For me it was Ted Forbes and The Art Of Photography. I struck photography gold when I found his YouTube Channel a couple of years ago. Even now I found myself rewatching his videos and picking up something that eluded me the first time. I find myself making notes as if they are a photo-lit lecture delivered to me by an excellent professor in my own home. I cannot recommend spending time watching Ted's videos enough. 

But, as always, your mileage may vary, and if he doesn't do it for you, there are hundreds of other great teachers out there whose methods may chime better with you. Go out and find them.

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