The Art Assignment

 The Art Assignment is a PBS Digital Studios online channel on YouTube that’s focused on contemporary art - including a fair chunk of photography.

Host Sarah Urist Green (who was a curator of contemporary art for the Indianapolis Museum of Art) aims to demystify the art making process and educate people on contemporary art and how it can be “accessible and social, rather than distant or intimidating”.

And friends, it works. This YouTube channel is a treasure trove of great videos - a rabbit hole down which you can get well and truly lost. Like art and photography? Have a day or two you want to lose? THIS is the place for you.

There is so much to recommend this series/channel that I suggest you just dive in and have a good link around.

One of my favourite videos is all about August Sander’s "Young Farmers On The Way To A Dance". It’s a great introduction to a really great channel.



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