Remembering To Look Up...

the monument to the great fire of london

When you go out with your camera looking for all sorts of trouble to get into that might result in a half decent picture or two, it's really important to look up.

We can get so obsessed with actively looking around, that remembering to look at things in a different way is actually what we're trying to do here. Take the ordinary, the everyday, the mundane and find the joy in it.

the Monument to the great fire of london

The day I shot these three, I had been to London's Leadenhall Market. They had started to slowly reopen post lockdown and I thought it would be good to try and find something that showed life was beginning to return to the City.

But, the best laid plans... It was a Monday and despite beautiful, clear skies and strong, clean sunlight, Leadenhall was dead. So after trying unsuccessfully to work the light in a colourful but very empty market, I wandered back and decided on a whim to catch the tube home from the Bank station. I knew it was closed, but I thought I just have a quick look at The Monument to the Great Fire of London before I dived into the tube and BANG

As I looked up, the opportunity to show this beautiful historic tower against a bright blue sky, juxtaposed against some ultra modern buildings and in reflection just hit me all at once. I didn't know what to do first. So I worked as quickly as I could on each of the three settings, darting between them as the light changed. The builders who had stopped for lunch thought I was mad. But the only decent images from that entire day were those looking up at the Monument.

The Monument in reflection

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