Ibarionex Perello

I'm often asked if there's a single book that I can recommend to anyone wanting to improve their photography. 

There are lots of good photography books out there, but - for me at least - it's as much about finding the right book at the right time as it is about finding the right book in the first place.

Whether you're starting out and need to learn the basics of camera control or you're a seasoned photographer who wants to try something new, there are mountains of titles and finding your way through to what you need right now is always a challenge.

For me it was stumbling across Ibarionex Perello. He is an American photographer, photography teacher and broadcaster with over 25 years of experience and host of the popular The Candid Frame podcast. But I had never head of him until a photographer friend steered me towards one of his books - Making Photographs: Developing a Personal Visual Workflow. 

This book fell into my lap at just the right time. It's content, structure and unhurried flow clarified a whole bunch of ideas that I'd been wrestling with for a while. Suddenly it seemed elements of photography that I just couldn't grasp came into focus and made sense. I still use what I learned from this book every single day.  

I'd thoroughly recommend checking him and his work out.

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